The End-to-End Blockchain Solution The Real Estate Industry Has Been Waiting For

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The real estate industry is poised for a technological leap forward that will deliver immense value to key stakeholders – buyers, sellers, mortgage lenders and government registries. There is huge scope for increased efficiencies because the basic steps for concluding any real estate transaction are repetitive, documentation is standardized, the closing process which runs on hard copy documents is antiquated, and the number of parties involved in any transaction is vast.


CPROP is designed to address the most common and major challenges intrinsic to all real estate markets in the world, specifically, inefficiency and lack of security. Our mission is to drive standardization, automation and validation in transactional real estate to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve accuracy and reduce risks for all stakeholders. CPROP will become an integrated platform that enables property investors to research, transact with cryptocurrency, and reliably secure and record ownership of their domestic and international property investments remotely.


Due to inherent inefficiencies in today’s transactional real estate, transaction costs can reach 10% or more of the total transaction value and the time required to complete the process can be very long, even excluding the time required to agree on a transfer price. And due to the large sums of money involved, the potential financial downside associated with a flawed process, including post-closing property registration and mortgage documentation, is huge. 

These pain points are especially evident in cross border transactions which can suffer from a lack of standardization, lack of transparency, mounds of paperwork, risk of fraud, errors in public records, and a host of logistical challenges associated with getting buyers and sellers together. 


Multiple lawyers may be required to perform separate tasks which are mostly repetitive in nature from one transaction to the next

Unnecessary Risk Premiums

Title insurance is often required, especially by US mortgage lenders, to underwrite risks associated with imperfect titles and various types of liens adding an “unnecessary” layer of cost

Closed Systems

Multiple Listing Services (MLS) generally restrict membership and access to licensed real estate brokers and agents which inhibits P2P transactions

Risk of Defects

A variety of documentation-related defects can invade a real estate transaction, whether introduced through malfeasance (i.e. fraud, tampering and corruption) or human error

Paper Processing

Because of the reliance on hard copies, all parties to a transaction (e.g. buyer, seller, each party’s brokers, lawyers and banks, the title company, insurance agents, escrow agent, and relevant local government offices, etc.) have limited access to transaction-related documentation which can result in duplication of effort, documentation errors and a more time consuming, cumbersome and expensive closing process

Proximity Challenges

The buyer and seller may need to be in the same physical location to sign hard copies of closing documents creating potential logistical challenges and added cost


The buyer may experience difficulty accessing and paying the purchase price in the seller’s currency of choice


There can be a heightened risk of misunderstanding among the parties due to the buyer’s unfamiliarity with, lack of proximity to, or inability to read or speak the language of the seller’s jurisdiction




  • To Buyers

    • Aggregated listings from sellers worldwide
    • Enable purchases with Bitcoin or other accepted cryptocurrencies
    • Securely transact remotely
    • Reduce transaction costs
    • Reduce risk of title defects
    • Source service providers
    • Overcome language barriers
  • To Sellers

    • Reach a much larger potential target market increasing competition for their properties
    • Securely transact remotely
    • Reduce transaction costs
  • To Brokers

    • Vastly expand addressable markets for existing listings by leveraging existing MLS platforms
    • Automate and simplify the closing process, particularly when Buyers and Sellers are remotely located
    • Multilanguage translations of standardized document packages further facilitates cross border transactions
  • To Mortgage Lenders

    • Automatically generate standardized documentation
    • Eliminate incomplete paperwork
    • Reduce documentation inaccuracies
    • Reduce risks associated with fraud, tampering and corruption
    • Create permanent records that are always accessible
    • Reduce mortgage holder losses resulting from the above
  • To Government Registries

    • Eliminate incomplete paperwork
    • Reduce documentation inaccuracies
    • Reduce risks associated with fraud, tampering and corruption
    • Create permanent records that are always accessible








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“I look forward to leveraging my successful DotLoop and crypto trading experience to build CPROP into a global enterprise that delivers real value to the real estate vertical while generating massive value for its token holders.”

Adam Koehler


  • Co-Founded The DotLoop Company, a real estate-based startup sold to Zillow for $100+ million.
  • Founded Reversed Out Creative Services which he has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
  • Founded CovWorx, a shared working space for tech professionals in Covington, KY.
  • Named to Great Leaders Under 40 for 2017 by Lead Magazine.
  • Nominated by Legacy Group of NKY for Next Generation Leadership Award 2017.
  • Co-Founded CinciCrypto, a group for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

“CPROP represents a new paradigm for one the largest asset classes on the planet – property – that is disruptive and will deliver significant financial benefits to all stakeholders, both in the private and public sector.”

Sanford Selman


  • Co-founded/managed Asia West Environment Fund LP, a $100M+ early-stage venture capital program.
  • First professional investor in E-Leather Ltd., served as Chairman and grew to profitability and No. 1 global market share.
  • Co-founded Sanus Connect which designed and is deploying a novel data platform for a Fortune 500 real estate firm for property management.
  • Extensive global experience developing and financing real assets as a project finance banker.

“CPROP is ideally targeted to address many of the real property process issues that plague the Brazilian market.”

Fabiano Távora


  • Chairman of the International Law section of the Brazilian Bar Association – Ceará Chapter.
  • Managing partner Távora Advogados, an international law firm serving varied clients from multinationals to technology start-ups.
  • Former Brazilian CEO for Alphapraxis International, an international strategy management consulting firm.
  • Co-founded and sold a Brazilian mobile app company that generated millions in revenue in its initial 12 months of operation.

“Having been involved in cross border real estate transactions in both developed and emerging markets for more than 30 years, I understood immediately the immense potential benefits of blockchain technology for the global real estate industry.  The move of real estate to blockchain is inevitable; the only question is how long it will take.”

Jay Fortin


  • International corporate attorney with extensive experience as a law firm partner and general counsel representing investors, developers, financiers, government entities, contractors and other stakeholders in complex cross-border investments in real estate, infrastructure and other real assets.
  • Successfully closed over US$5 billion of transactions in both developed and emerging markets in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
  • Experience developing and managing compliance programs for OFAC, FCPA and AML rules and regulations and managing enquiries and investigations by governmental authorities on behalf of clients. Familiar with U.S. laws governing or affecting business internationally, including the US securities laws, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and FATCA.
  • Extensive experience dealing with foreign and domestic governmental officials and regulatory agencies, including negotiating concession agreements and obtaining necessary licenses, permits and approvals for large, high-profile transactions.

“I am excited to be part of CPROP because it addresses many of the difficulties Chinese investors often encounter when seeking to purchase real estate overseas.”

Eric Wang


  • Led M&A for Tom Group Ltd., a US$8 billion HK GEM-listed company.
  • China GM of JV between VC-backed US company and a large Chinese SOE.
  • A skilled sales & marketing professional with a demonstrated track record of navigating across the Chinese commercial and government landscape.
  • Excellent profile with Chinese central government ministries, PBOC and Provincial governments.
“The CPROP platform will be a valuable tool for overseas investors from around the GCC while delivering important advancements in property registration benefiting governments within the region.”

Saleh Bawazir


  • Built and managed the Disaster Recovery Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which houses the Kingdom’s critical data.
  • Led that team that installed the Inmarsat satellite system in King Fahad City that provides communications for commercial ships and naval vessels.
  • Brought numerous new technologies into Saudi Arabia including the first aeroponic farming system to recycle precious water in partnership with Pepsi, Jeddah.
  • An avid real estate investor representing and advising his extended family and members of the Royal Family in hundreds of transactions worldwide.
“In launching CPROP, we wanted to ensure: (a) the business addressed a real problem that could be solved by blockchain technology, (b) token holders benefited from token appreciation as the company succeeds, and (c) that a high quality, global team could be assembled with the experience and skills to execute the plan.  I believe we have achieved all of these.”

Luke Sestito


  • Founded The DeLeon Group, Inc. to take emerging technologies globally.
  • Advised governments of GCC including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait on matters involving food security, water, and infrastructure.
  • Co-founded Sanus Connect which designed and is deploying a novel data platform for a Fortune 500 real estate firm for property management.
“CPROP is an obvious application for blockchain technology that will address real problems evident in today’s global real estate markets providing important advancements to that industry.”

Justin Davis


  • Co-Founder of BuzzBin Media, a social media management company.
  • Owner of iBolt Consulting, an IT company specializing in high-end technical solutions.
  • Certified Salesforce.com Consultant, focusing on data security and data integrations.
  • Serves as technical lead and advisor for Eric Clapton’s digital platform, releasing media content to millions of people worldwide.

“Property registration documentation and procedures vary across Brazil and this presents a real challenge. CPROP will monetize the value of blockchain technology by helping to bring a measure of standardization while making transactions secure and safe from tampering, eliminating process bottlenecks and facilitating money transfers, not only for inbound investment, but for the domestic market as well.”

James Spence

  • Responsible for technology and investment product sales for SEI Corporation, a wealth management business, serving the institutional finance sector.
  • Retained by MP3.com to provide strategic advice in support of their $1.3 billion IPO.
  • Co-founded EQ Ventures to mentor scores of C-Level executives across a variety of verticals on strategy and implementation of initiatives to grow revenue.
  • Moved to Brazil and executed a turnaround for a large multinational.
“As local governments and title search companies integrate with CPROP to organize and secure their existing digital records, our database of property documents will become the quickest and most reliable way to find, verify, and retrieve the complete transaction history of properties around the world.”

Steve Weathers


  • Founded MyProto Technology, which provides technology strategy and consultation to startups.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect with 18 years of experience as a Web Developer, Systems Analyst, and Technology Manager.
  • Specializes in designing and building scalable, multi-market platforms and databases-driven solutions
  • Consults with startups, agencies, and VCs on technology best practices.
“I live day-to-day with the inefficiencies of current real estate practices, and I am therefore extremely enthusiastic about CPROP’s commercial vision and how blockchain technology is bound to revolutionize the real estate industry.”

Jon Zinman


  • Licensed attorney in the States of New York and Florida.
  • Represents foreign investors in commercial and residential real estate in the US.
  • Represents private and commercial lenders in construction financing for small- and mid-cap developers.
  • Represents developers in condominium conversion and construction projects.
  • Sponsor of the Real Estate Board of New York and gives continuing education classes to real estate brokers.
“I am very excited to be part of CPROP because it’s a novel solution that will squeeze waste from legacy systems and processes.”

Nick Selman


  • Led multi-million dollar global strategic change initiatives across variety of industries and business functions as Vice President for The Lab Consulting.
  • Client list included eight Fortune 100 companies and six of the 50 largest global banks.
  • Founder of two e-Commerce startups: Javaya and TULIP BRAND.

“I believe CPROP will be a relevant and streamlined platform that alleviates many of the current roadblocks inherent in real estate transactions.”

Jeremy Begley


  • Founded Cincinnati Energy Solutions, the first home performance contracting companies the Greater Cincinnati market.
  • Participated in the national initiative to incorporate green building features into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Founded a consulting firm that verifies green building standards are being attained during design and construction.
  • Co-Founded CinciCrypto, a group for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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