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Creating blockchain-enabled applications in the real estate and fintech sectors to capture new revenue opportunities, address pain points and reduce risk.

About Us

CPROP was formed by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in real estate, finance and technology who recognized the power of blockchain to improve the quality of data in the real estate and fintech sectors


CPROP offers blockchain technology solutions in several areas of real estate. Blockchain is an information architecture that provides an exceptional way to authenticate data and timestamps. Where such features are desirable, blockchain can be a welcome enhancement to any data application. Blockchain technology also enables digital currencies such as real estate-backed tokens, an emerging form of real estate finance that promises to increase liquidity and improve valuations as compared to traditional REIT or other pooled investment fund structures.

Meet the Founders

CPROP’s three co-founders all have deep experience in the real estate sector but their individual backgrounds could not be more different.  Adam was a fine arts graduate and possesses a creative flair and unbridled energy.  Adam also co-founded Cincinnati’s most successful real estate tech company.  Luke started off in public accounting, an ideal background for understanding blockchain, and later found his niche in sales and business development. Luke has leveraged his keen business instincts to successfully commercialize new technology internationally.  Sandy began in engineering, and therefore loves the details, and later moved on to finance.  Sandy migrated to the start-up world by founding an early-stage venture fund, helping his portfolio companies transition from pre-revenue experiments into global, profitable enterprises.  As a founder team, their strength lies in their diversity, maturity and dedication to the shared goal of making CPROP the thought leader in blockchain-enabled real estate tech for mainstream business.

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