Blockchain & Beers at the MBA Annual Conference

Oct 31, 2019

October 27th was another great day for CPROP.

It marked the first day of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo in Austin, Texas where the CPROP team hosted a networking event called “Blockchain & Beers”.

What is the MBA Annual Convention and Expo?

The MBA Annual Convention and Expo is the largest gathering of real estate finance professionals in the nation, where everyone from CEOs, vice presidents and senior managers to government agency representatives and regulators can make meaningful business relationships and discuss what the future of real estate will look like.

Why is this exciting for CPROP?

Blockchain & Beers provided the opportunity for CPROP to showcase and discuss practical blockchain applications in the mortgage industry. Co-founder Sandy Selman and CPROP Senior Advisor Debbie Hoffman, Symmetry Blockchain Advisors, represented the best of CPROP alongside a massive mortgage industry event where friends and colleagues from the mortgage, title insurance, investment management, technology and media sectors came together around food and drink for great conversations about the state of blockchain in real estate. 

CPROP continues to position itself as the “go-to” source for practical, end-to-end real estate industry blockchain solutions. We have built relationships with industry leaders who are also enthusiastic as to the potential for blockchain to effectively address well-known pain points in the mortgage industry.

CPROP looks forward to welcoming friends and colleagues at additional Blockchain & Beers events at future real estate industry conferences.

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—The CPROP Team

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