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The CPROP ICO ends November 15, 2018 23:59:59 GMT.

Step 1: Get Whitelisted - You must be whitelisted before you can contribute and receive CPROP tokens. If you have not been whitelisted please visit: https://kyc.cprop.io .

Please note that if you selected to contribute less than $5,000 during the whitelist you will not be able to contribute any more than that amount in ETH otherwise your transaction will be denied.

Step 2: Send ETH Contribution - To receive CPROP tokens, an ERC-20 compliant ETH wallet should be used, please note that ETH wallet should be your personal wallet as exchange wallets can’t be used.

Send your ETH contribution from your whitelisted ETH wallet to our smart contract address below. We recommend a minimum Gas Limt of 210,000 and 40 Gwei to ensure the transaction is successful.

How to contribute

To obtain CPROP tokens, transfer ETH to the following address:

Step 3: Receive CPROP Tokens - You will immediately receive your CPROP tokens in your ETH wallet once the transaction clears.

If you are using myetherwallet.com, to see your CPROP tokens you need to “Add Custom Token” and put in the following values:

Token Contract Address: 0x0FB843D37AA2A99db8D81aF9fe2F0A6485c7c002

Token Symbol: CPROP

Decimals: 18

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Get ready for our ICO coming in June. Until then if you have any questions please reach out.