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Apr 06, 2021


CPROP Launches a Demo Site for its Proposed Digital Asset Security Exchange

Covington, Kentucky, USA – As a follow up to the release of its latest whitepaper regarding its proposed design for a fully regulated exchange for commercial real estate backed digital asset securities, the company has launched a demo site for anyone to experience how the future of CRE transactions will be executed.

“We’re incredibly excited that we can now demonstrate simulated live trading of commercial real estate-backed digital asset securities. It will allow CRE asset owners and investors to familiarize themselves with the future of trading these types of digital securities that will vastly improve liquidity in what currently is an inefficient and largely illiquid market,” says CPROP’s co-founder Sandy Selman.

Digital asset securities, which can go by many names including security tokens, digital securities, digital asset tokens and tokenized digital securities, are simply traditional securities that have been digitally formatted. The foundational blockchain technology of the CPROP exchange platform facilitates the issuance, management and trading of digital securities in a more efficient manner than traditional securities exchanges.

With CPROP’s proposed exchange design, market participants do not have to be crypto savvy to issue, buy, or sell digital securities, nor should they expect the boom (and ensuing bust) commonly associated with the crypto market. Because these securities are simply digital representations of traditional asset-backed securities and fully regulated, the growth of the digital security provider ecosystem and market volume should be more deliberate and steady.

CPROP is working with multiple national governments to identify where legislation has progressed the most to allow exchange trading of digital asset securities. In the interim, the company is building a global stakeholder consortium consisting of asset managers, institutional investors and property management firms.

Email CPROP at info@cprop.io to receive the demo’s access code. For a more detailed explanation on the exchange the project’s Whitepaper can be downloaded from here.


CPROP develops and deploys proprietary and white-labelled applications across the real estate value chain – using blockchain where appropriate – to help its partners and clients reduce business risk, address pain points and capture new revenue opportunities. Visit CPROP. CPROP tokens can be traded on the ProBit Exchange.


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