CPROP Launches HomeFAQs℠ Pilot

Feb 12, 2019

Cryptoproperties LLC (“CPROP”) is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot in partnership with RE/MAX Action First based in Clearwater, Florida of its newest product, HomeFAQs, a software application that marks a huge step forward in the way data related to residential property is captured, managed and monetized. Traditional residential brokerages are under immense pressure from new discount and limited service brokerage models. HomeFAQs provides a pathway for traditional brokerages to leverage big data and advance their business model for a rapidly changing business landscape. 

A central component of HomeFAQs is a mobile app designed for real estate agents to help automate the process of onboarding properties into their local MLS, a persistent pain point for agents. But it does not stop there.

HomeFAQs will create new revenue for brokerages by enabling agents to address their clients’ purchasing needs related to the home transition and providing a more concierge-like service. For example, the buyer may tell their agent they plan to redecorate after they move in. The pilot will allow the agent to provide their client with e-coupons to buy products and services from vetted retailers and contractors which would result in the payment of referral fees when the consumer completes a purchase. This service also has the potential to extend the relationship of buyer agents with their clients well beyond closing. CPROP has several national vendor partnerships in process that will be announced shortly encompassing home-related products and contracting services.

HomeFAQs is being designed to generate a “report card” for the home to allow brokerages to premium-brand their listings as having undergone a higher level of due diligence and blockchain-backed information disclosure without sacrificing consumers’ privacy. Research indicates that high levels of data confidence and transparency translates to higher property valuation and less surprises during the closing process.

RE/MAX Action First CEO Kenny Hayslett states: “The partnership with CPROP and the launch of HomeFAQs is a defining moment for our brokerage. This partnership perfectly fits with our brokerage’s long-term strategy which is to deploy cutting edge technology that supports our agents and customers.” 

CPROP co-founder Sandy Selman states: “We are thrilled to be working with RE/MAX Action First on this groundbreaking project. They are among the most forward-looking brokerages in the business and we are proud to have such a capable and enthusiastic partner.”

As a thought leader in blockchain-enabled data applications in real estate, CPROP develops and deploys proprietary and white-labeled apps across the real estate value chain, using blockchain where appropriate, to help its partners and clients reduce business risk, address pain points and capture new revenue opportunities.

RE/MAX Action First has been a Tampa Bay leader in real estate for 28 years with multiple offices in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. As an independently-owned and operated RE/MAX franchise, RE/MAX Action First is home to Tampa Bay’s most productive agents and is widely regarded as the most innovative real estate office in Florida. The company has built a respected reputation for integrity, professionalism and providing world class personalized customer service. 

For more information, please visit http://cprop.io or send your inquiry to info@cprop.io

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