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Apr 06, 2021



Covington, Kentucky, USA – The highly anticipated token launch of commercial real estate blockchain leader, CPROP, is happening on the ProBit Exchange on 27 January 2021 The initial launch will feature a CPROP/ETH pair.

Founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurs with backgrounds in structured finance, accounting and real estate technology, CPROP’s primary focus is to create ecosystems for real estate-backed digital asset securities to unlock value through improved liquidity, reduced transactional friction and costs, expanded market access, and improved transparency.

CPROP has been developing a fully regulated decentralized exchange (DEX) that will enable DEX members to purchase and trade commercial real estate-backed digital asset securities from anywhere in the world.

The DEX will provide an easy way for retail investors to enter the commercial real estate (CRE) market with low minimum investment requirements.  For institutional investors, the advantage lies in the liquidity a DEX can deliver, particularly in view of the fact that most CRE is held in private, non-listed vehicles. Asset owners and managers can benefit by having a potentially much larger pool of potential funding sources for new developments as well as a new distribution channel for digital asset securities they create based on their existing CRE portfolio.


CPROP holders will benefit from every transaction that will eventually occur on the DEX. As members join the DEX, they will be required to hold CPROP tokens in order to list properties on the DEX. Furthermore, each time a digital asset security transaction takes place, a portion of the DEX fees will be used to buy back CPROP tokens from the market. Those tokens will be burned, thereby reducing supply. Token supply decreases with accumulated transaction volume thus providing a financial incentive to asset managers to list on the DEX.

Prior to the launch of the DEX, CPROP will also burn tokens periodically at fixed intervals to gradually reduce the number of tokens in circulation. The first token burn will occur in conjunction with the launch of our Virtual Real Estate Summit, planned for March 2021.


In January 2019, the total CPROP supply was 2.1 billion tokens.

Between January 2019 and Q3 2020, CPROP designed and developed a minimum viable product (MVP) which is visible at https://cprop.tokend.io/sign-in.

In January 2021, CPROP will initially launch on the ProBit Exchange, a global Top 20 crypto exchange based in South Korea.

CPROP’s goal is to take the DEX live in 2021. In the interim, CPROP will continue to onboard asset owners, as well as work with different national governments to determine where legislation has progressed the most to allow tokenized trading of real estate.

Trade CPROP on https://www.probit.com/en-us/


CPROP develops and deploys proprietary and white-labelled applications across the real estate value chain – using blockchain where appropriate – to help its partners and clients reduce business risk, address pain points and capture new revenue opportunities. Visit CPROP: https://www.cprop.io


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