Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted?

We only accept Ethereum as payment for our ICO.

Is fiat accepted?


Which wallet should I use to receive tokens?

To receive CPROP tokens, an ERC-20 compliant ETH wallet should be used, please note that ETH wallet should be your personal wallet as exchange wallets can’t be used. Please see the below link for available wallet options:

Is there a minimum amount to invest?


What is the goal of your project?

CPROP was formed to develop and deploy blockchain solutions that address acknowledged pain points in the global real estate industry.

Is your product already working? Do you have a prototype or a beta version?

We have already developed a demo (https://mvp.cprop.io/) of our transaction management system designed to integrate into online property portals to facilitate long-distance property transactions. Our demo was designed specifically for transactions taking place in the US. It is being continuously iterated based on feedback of portals and other real estate professionals that would use the system.

How is CPROP different from other Blockchain Real Estate companies?

Other companies tend to fall into the following categories: (a) tokenization of fractional ownership interests in property, (b) P2P transactions/listing platforms, and (c) deed tokenization.

CPROP is focused on the transaction. We believe our approach is far more commercially sound than the above because
(a) tokenization of ownership interests makes your token a security and then you’re competing with Wall Street (this is tough),
(b) listing platforms are in direct competition with existing portals who have many years and millions of $$ head start, and
(c) the commercial business case for deed tokenization alone is weak.

See Our Competitive Analysis

Why do you have a blockchain in your project?

Our transaction management system utilizes blockchain for the following : Smart Contract escrows, hashing executed documents to the blockchain. In addition, property related records can be tokenized and recorded on the blockchain to provide a redundant record to government registries.

Is the CPROP token a security?

No, the CPROP token is a digital/software utility product which is not a security and which does not provide any ownership rights. The CPROP token is a membership to access and use our transaction management system and obtain a listing in our service provider directory. You can either buy the CPROP membership token in advance or when you decide to join our ecosystem.

What is a utility token?

Utility tokens, also called user tokens or app coins, represent future access to a company’s product or service. The defining characteristic of utility tokens is that they are not designed as investments; if properly structured, this feature exempts utility tokens them from federal laws governing securities. By creating utility tokens, a startup can sell “digital coupons” for the service it is developing.

How is your system going to expand?

CPROP’s transaction management system was designed to integrate into existing property portals around the world, who are all striving to find additional sources of revenue and differentiation. By helping portals “get closer to the transaction”, we help portals maintain rthe relationship with prospective buyers all the way through to the closing, thus positioning for additional sources of revenue that in no way cannibalizes their existing ad revenue base. Additionally, CPROP can help the portal to offer an enhanced experience for their web traffic and differentiate their brand with a practical blockchain offering. For CPROP, our portal partnerships can help accelerate our speed to market because we tap their existing web traffic, thus avoiding the time consuming process of having to build our own web traffic.

What is the total token supply?


How many tokens are for sale?


How much goes to the team?

15% or 920m

How long are team tokens locked in for?

Team tokens are unlocked in equal installments over 24 months following the ICO.

What happens to unsold tokens?

They will be burned.

When will the referral tokens be distributed?

Soon following the close of the ICO. Distribution will be announced first on our official Telegram, @CPROP

Are any countries are excluded from participating from the public or ICO?

Participants from the following countries are not eligible to participate: United States, China, Crimea Region of the Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Belarus, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Zimbabwe, Venezuela. CPROP reserves the right to sell tokens to accredited investors in the US on a case by case basis.

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