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CPROP October Wrap-Up

Nov 13, 2019

The CPROP team is constantly working to make substantial business connections that position CPROP to be the thought leader in practical, value-adding blockchain-enabled real estate solutions.

October was a busy month for CPROP, so we’ll recap for the events attended and connections made by our co-founders in this post!

October 10th — co-founder Adam Koehler attended the Opportunity Zone Expo in Houston, Texas

The 2019 Opportunity Zone Expo Houston is a nationwide conference dedicated to Opportunity Zone stakeholders on October 10th, 2019.

Being located in Covington, Kentucky, CPROP has roots with opportunity zones.

As a self-made man from Price Hill, it was no wonder why co-founder Adam Koehler was invited to speak A myriad of educational panels, moderated by industry experts, helps professionals stay at the forefront of the booming Opportunity Zone industry.

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October 11th — Cincinnati Chapter of the Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters

On October 11, CPROP gave a training session and led an interactive discussion at the Cincinnati Chapter of the Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters in Cincinnati to discuss how blockchain impacts the property insurance industry. This event gave us the opportunity to connect and speak directly with companies like Great American Insurance and Cincinnati Financial about opportunities in this industry.  It was clear from the discussion there are several very interesting blockchain use cases in the property & casualty sector that CPROP will be following up with these industry leaders.

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October 24th — Affordable Housing Investor Council’s 2019 Fall Affordable Housing Summit

Co-founder Sandy Selman spoke on technology enablers to increase the supply of affordable housing, specifically the use of utility token structures to create incentives to promote tenant behaviors that are favorable to investors in affordable housing and for using blockchain to add transparency and efficiency to rent-to-own structures.

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October 27th — Blockchain & Beers in conjunction with the Mortgage Bankers Association 2019 Annual Conference

October 27th was another great day for CPROP. It marked the first day of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo in Austin, Texas where the CPROP team hosted a networking event called “Blockchain & Beers” where new and old friends of CPROP gathered around drinks and food to discuss blockchain and the mortgage industry.  This well-attended event helped to expand our network in the mortgage industry, meet with existing strategic partners on projects in development and reveal some new opportunities to add to the pipeline. Additional “Blockchain & Beers” sessions are planned at future real estate industry conferences.

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What’s Next?

On November 20th there will be a special update featuring Sandy Selman, so make sure you’re subscribed to this blog to keep up to date on what the CPROP team is doing next.

CPROP will also be presenting at Cleveland’s Blockland Solutions Conference, December 7 – 9. There, Adam Koehler will moderate a discussion with CPROP co-founder Sandy Selman and Safechain CEO Rob Zwink who will discuss their first-hand experience on the front lines working with government and industry on value-adding blockchain implementations in the real estate industry.  From identifying use cases to designing practical solutions and getting all stakeholders onboard, this session promises rich insights on blockchain applications in real estate as well as the everyday challenges of bringing new technology to market in a sector not known for technological innovation.

The Blockland Solutions event is designed to showcase companies solving real-world problems with practical solutions using blockchain and other emerging technologies. The Blockland initiative exists to educate and promote real-world blockchain applications, while establishing and leading a blockchain ecosystem with support from private, public and philanthropic individuals and organizations.

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—The CPROP Team

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